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Raise the bar in your team by investing in their capabilities. Health Generation provides certified training in key areas of care services for all levels of staff (clinical/non-clinical) including:

  • Clinical Deterioration

  • Dementia-specific Care

  • Behaviour Management

  • Continence Care

  • Skin Care/Pressure Injury Management

  • Falls Management

  • Wound Management

  • Incident Investigation and Management

  • SIRS Reporting

  • Psychotropic Use & Restrictive Practices

Our innovative and flexible trainers provide training that is customised to the needs of your organisation to minimise cost, time and resources and maximise on skills base and knowledge retention.
Health Generation also has an exclusive leadership and mentoring program that will build your team’s self-confidence and leadership capabilities to master the requirements of Standard 8 – Organisational Governance.

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