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Decrease in appetite or lack of desire to eat is a very underrated problem. In medical terms, it is called Anorexia. When we face any health issue we visit a doctor but in case of losing appetite we might ignore it and this can lead to various big problems like sudden weight loss or malnutrition. Loss of appetite can cause due to mental or physical illness, in this situation we should contact the doctor and ask for a prescription. I am going to share all about syrup named Cypon Syrup.

Cypon Syrup works as an appetite stimulant which has the active ingredients like Cyproheptadine and Tricholine. It helps in treating poor appetite and weight loss.

Cypon Syrup Uses

(1) Cypon Syrup works as an Appetite Booster to boost the Appetite of person who needs it.

(2) Cypon Syrup is a combination medicine used to treat loss of appetite.

(3) Appetite stimulant: Used in cases of low appetite, it will improve it.

(4) Watery Eyes: Used to watery eyes and it will control.

(5) Itching: Used to treat itching as it is anti histaminic in nature. It will control unnecessary itching.

(6) Sneezing: Used to control or treat sneezing.

(7) Cold: Used to treat cold and other symptoms like running nose.

(8) Cough: Used to treat cough as it contains anti allergic main component.



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