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We're proud of everyone that works at Health Generation

Here is a little about our team...

Meet The Team

Heath Downie

Managing Director

"I’m proud of our industry, I’m proud of the people who work hard to enhance the lives of the residents, I’m proud of the Health Gen team who work tirelessly in giving each of our clients what they need, not what we think they want."

Joanne Speck

Director of Clinical & Consulting Services

"I am passionate about the impact I can make in improving the safety and quality of older people in the community and by inspiring and motivating others to be that positive difference. That will be me one day!"

Bianca McBride

Director of Operations & Finance

"Working in this industry means everything to me. I know that the team and I are making a very real difference everyday and that's what dream jobs are made of."

Patrick Spillman

Senior Client Partner

"The genuine difference we can make in people’s lives is extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Visiting the residents and hearing their stories is the highlight from me!"

Kane Draper

Senior Client Partner

"Aged care is the only industry I’ve ever known. Working in aged care so long, I’ve seen it all - changes to funding models, compliance, legislation, governance, and then a royal commission to top it all. I love people's resilience, supporting each other in an ever-evolving environment and driving aged care into new era"

Kalin Eade

Client Partner

"I'm excited to transition to the aged care space and happy to be joining such a great team of professionals"

Ken Ly

AN-ACC Services Leader

"Health Generation, as a team, represents a collection of capable people, whose heart is in the right place, and whose energy will synergise with mine to make a real impact"

Kelly Pritchard

Head of Talent Acquisition

"I have been fortunate to work across many industries in my career, but I have found a home in Aged Care, where I am able to give back to an industry and people close to my heart. I hold huge respect and admiration for all our Aged Care Employees and take pride in being able to support them in my own way."

Ann Austria

Clinical Consultant

"I love working in Aged Care as it gives me a chance to make a difference in the lives of those who once cared for us simply just by caring".

Cathy Winton

Clinical Consultant

"Being able to share and care for residents during a vulnerable time of their lives is a privilege, and one I enjoy by making them smile"

Czecelee Thomson

Clinical Consultant

"I love working for Heath Generation because of the positive vibes, the company's vision aligns with my own"

Hazel Baylon

Clinical Consultant

"Working in aged care gives me a sense of purpose. I love working for Health Generation because the company looks after us, their employees, and treats us as family."

Jillian Brennan

Clinical Consultant

"I love my interactions with our residents, and I value the part I play in ensuring they receive the best of care."

Lien Ha

Clinical Consultant

"I am passionate about providing older people with the care that is culturally appropriate, individualised, meaningful and dignified to their personality and background. I’m glad that I can work alongside health care workers, who can embrace their uniqueness and empower them to sit in the “driver seat” as long as they are capable"

Maria Campos

Graphic Designer

"I find immense satisfaction in contributing to a noble cause through my creative skills. Designing with purpose at Health Generation allows me to make an impact through visual storytelling."

Michelle Rowson

Operations Support

"Being new to the Aged Care industry, I am constantly amazed by the passion and dedication shown by our team in making the industry better for providers and residents"

Qing Ling

Business Analyst

"I love working in Aged Care because it allows me to care for the "whole" person rather than only parts of them. I enjoy learning their preferences and bringing joy to their day by doing things 'just the way they like it"

Shubh Arora

Clinical Consultant

"I'm passionate about making a genuine difference in people's lives and find it extremely fulfilling. I love being a part of the Health Generation family due to the great values every team member brings, forming a genuinely enjoyable team environment."

Tracy Carabott

Clinical Consultant

"Aged care people are inspirational, they are our history, they have lead amazing fascinating lives that I have been privileged to learn about"

Anne Jasmy

Clinical Consultant

"Working in Aged Care keeps me grounded. It is a constant source of inspiration and joy"

Cherie Bloor

Clinical Consultant

"Working in Aged Care gives me the privilege of making the last days of the people we care for the best they can possibly be!"

Francoise Speissegger

HR Support

"Having the opportunity to make a valuable difference in the lives of our elders, is such a great privilege and a most important endeavor."

Jenelle McPherson

Clinical Consultant

"Health Generation is a caring company and I love sharing their passion"

Kay Daboer

Clinical Consultant

"Working in age care is a privilege , opportunity and responsibility to give something back our elders and our community."

Luna Lai

Clinical Consultant

"I work in aged care because I genuinely care. Aged care is rewarding as I am able to make a positive difference in a resident's life. It is heart-warming to make their days a little bit brighter, support them to be comfortable in their homes, and ultimately contribute to a better overall quality of life."

Marlize Jansen Van Rensburg

Clinical Consultant

"I love that I have a platform to improve the lives of the elderly, and those that are committed to caring for them."

Mira Ghobrial

Nurse Advisor

"I am very passionate about Aged Care and I dream of making it better! What inspires me? There is nothing better than seeing a resident's face smiling. It's what makes my day and what encourages me to do more".

Sarah Dunn

Operations Support

"Our team make an impact everyday on the lives of our loved ones, and to play even a small part in that, makes me very proud"

Sophia Chan

Clinical Consultant

"I love being able to help the elderly who contributed a lot to their community in their younger days"

Wan Norkhum

Clinical Consultant

"I love talking with residents about their life story. Everybody has their own unique story, some sad, some amazing, which I can learn from "

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