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Quality Indicator Companion

Health Generation and QPS Benchmarking partner to support providers to accurately collect and understand QI data and its reporting requirements, and provides expert resources to drive meaningful outcomes for residents.

The collaboration between Health Generation and QPS Benchmarking addresses the industry challenges faced by providers in that mandatory QI data gathering, collection and submission process is taking considerable staff time and resources which could be better spent on direct care outcomes.

The Quality Indicator Companion combines the power of clinical quality experts, who work efficiently and effectively with technology that supports fail-proof data collection and direct online submission of QI data The service gives back time and resources to providers, whilst providing meaningful clinical guidance on mandatory QI requirements and reporting. The new service is now available for all aged care providers across Australia.


  1. Preparing QI data in line with government guidelines

  2. Reporting QI data by the mandatory due date

  3. Providing a tailor-made QI Intelligence Report to highlight trends and benchmarking

  4. Providing QI Coaching to key members of the clinical team to support ongoing compliance



  1. Time and money saved on QI reporting processes

  2. Give time back to clinical staff and reduce staff stress

  3. Supports business continuity by protecting against unplanned staff turnover, sick leave and loss of in-house expertise

  4. Streamlined QI data collection

  5. Accurate and timely QI reporting



  • Easy to understand, objective reports that interpret Quality Indicators and illuminate the highest risks and priorities

  • Site-specific analysis of indicators, with links to clinical practice recommendations for improvements - boost the robustness of the home's Plan for Continuous Improvement.

  • Quarterly governance review of QI data by industry experts

  • Year-round partnership with the largest national aged care consultancy

  • Indicators benchmarked across over 30% of the industry

  • Improved analysis of indicators linked to benchmarked data

  • Expert resources to handle end-to-end QI requirements

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Discover how can provide the solutions you need. Our team specialises in addressing the unique issues faced by aged care homes, offering expert advice and tailored support to ensure your facility excels in care and compliance.

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