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  • Ken Ly

Key AN-ACC challenges faced by providers

1. Key Challenge

AN-ACC is not a passive system.

Optimal funding outcomes are only achieved with proactive management.

  • An initial funding assessment is dependent on the provider lodging the resident’s entry event with Service Australia.

  • Funding assessments require accurate and timely clinical data.

  • Identifying clinical changes and reclassification eligible events is critical.

  • The funding reassessment process is voluntary and triggered by the provider.

2. Key Challenge

Building AN-ACC capability across all levels of staff.

Interestingly, it is often either the leadership team or the front-line team who has an adequate understanding of AN-ACC, but rarely both.

This gap in knowledge can make managing the AN-ACC funding performance unnecessarily difficult. Decision-making and action-taking capabilities need to be in sync.

3. Key Challenge

Managing all interlinked components of reform.

Aged Care reforms are not limited to AN-ACC funding. They incorporate minimum care minutes, staffing and rostering, and star ratings.

An effective management system will addresses these causal relationships, and answer key questions.

  • Are the required care minutes achievable within the current workforce capacity?

  • How do you roster in order to meet the resident’s care requirements while maintaining financially sustainability?

  • How do you achieve an optimal star rating while ensuring long-term viability?

4. Key Challenge

Maintaining a cost effective management system.

Fully automated funding management systems may suit the needs of many providers, especially larger ones. For many smaller providers, this investment may not be feasible.

A provider can manage their AN-ACC funding utilising software such as Microsoft Excel. This can be just as effective as any third party systems, with all their bells and whistles, provided the underlying principles and logic are sound.

Do you have gaps in funding knowledge and expertise?

Contact us to discuss how partnering with Health Generation will provide you the resources and expertise to smooth your transition to AN-ACC funding, and position your residential Aged Care home to deliver exceptional services.


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