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Australia's Innovative Aged Care Consultants

Health Generation is an aged care consultancy led by a team of over 40 aged care experts, including 30 clinical consultants, who are dedicated to supporting aged care providers and their communities nationwide.

Given that the standard of Australia’s healthcare system can be measured by how well we care for and support our elderly, the services provided by Health Generation are focused on the key aged care areas of Compliance, Advisory, Clinical Operations, and Certified Training. This ensures aged care teams at every level are effectively equipped to deliver top level care.

Raise the bar in your organisation by bringing in a forward-thinking team who values the fiscal operations and governance of your aged care facility as much as you do. With a strong focus on the day-to-day experience of your valued consumers (the resident) and frontline staff, Health Generation utilises a holistic, non-judgmental  approach when assessing your organisation’s opportunities and areas for improvement.

Whether you are interested in streamlining operations, positioning your organisation as a go-to employer for aged care workers, or wanting to ensure your team is surpassing governance and compliance requirements, Health Generation is here to support you.

Learn more about our aged care specialist services and how we can tailor our support for your retirement living, residential aged care, home care, or aged care community care services below.

Aged Care Consulting and Advisory Services

Are you wanting expert advice and support on the ground in your aged care home?


Our team of aged care consulting specialists with their years of service in the industry provides you with access to a collective of lived experience that is contemporary in both compliance matters and clinical best practice knowledge. Your search ends here for aged care consultants with solid foundations  and professional expertise in quality management, clinical care, and fiscal operations.

Just as every consumer (the resident) requires person-centred care by virtue of their individuality, Health Generation recognises and values the unique and specific circumstances that every aged care home present with, including homes within multi-site settings.


Contact us to find out how you can get tailored aged care consultancy services based on your unique goals and challenges. Our team currently focuses on four broad service offerings with room to customise the assessment and strategic deliverability of every project as determined by you.

Aged Care System Compliance

Regardless of your stage in the compliance journey, our aged care consultants and business advisors can partner with you to review existing systems, processes, and on-the-ground practices. Together with you, we then develop a practical plan with clear actionable steps that your team can follow to ensure you are far surpassing industry requirements.

Thinking like an Executive means always looking at the big picture of your business whilst having a good understanding of what is happening in the day-to-day on the frontline. The domino effect flows in both directions.


Strategic leaders like you will enjoy the expertise our aged care specialists bring to the table, with their wealth of experience in service management, culture development, and operational sustainability.


Together, we optimise the healthcare workforce that deliver your healthcare service, building you a resilient organisation that puts people first.

Our aged care consulting compliance specialists will drive success for you in what we know to be common ‘pain points’ in the industry, including:

  • Auditing and Assurance

  • Mandatory Reporting Indicators

  • Continuous Improvement System

  • Care Planning and Assessment Reviews

  • Clinical Care and Management

  • Restrictive Practices Management

  • Incident and Risk Management

  • Appropriate Skill Mix and Staffing Levels

  • Infection Prevention and Control

Not troubled by any of the above? Congratulations - You are doing better than most! Book us in for what we call an ‘exploratory’ session – on us. We will come to you with your favourite hot beverage and provide you with a space to dream big dreams and take your organisation further than you thought possible.

In times like these, the use of external advisors ensures a fresh, professional and objective approach to your organisation’s remediation and improvement plans, whilst mitigating any risk of potential blind spots.

Health Generation as a listed eligible advisor has a team of aged care consultants with contemporary and applied working knowledge of aged care legislation and the aged care responsibilities of approved providers.


Our industry experience includes years of working alongside proactive care teams leading continuous improvement initiatives and with aged care providers who need additional support navigating non-compliant notifications and sanction concerns.

With our on-brand non-judgmental, solution-focused approach, the aged care consulting specialists and nurse advisors you engage through us will help your team to navigate existing and potential risks, including designing time-effective strategies to create a compliant, safe and effective care environment for all stakeholders.

Ask us for a testimony referral from one of our many satisfied clients throughout the country, including metropolitan, regional and rural areas.

AdvisorY Services

Are you going through or expecting possible regulatory action with the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission?

Clinical Operations

From staff shortages across the country to COVID-19 worries, Royal Commission recommendations, and changing funding entitlements (AN-ACC), there is a never-ending list of things that affect and change how aged care providers run their businesses every day.

From staff shortages across the country to COVID-19 worries, Royal Commission recommendations, and changing funding entitlements (AN-ACC), there is a never-ending list of things that affect and change how aged care providers run their businesses every day.


Take your aged care business to the next level with our team of aged care business and clinical operations specialists. Health Generation is committed to building a robust aged care sector able to sustainably meet increased industry demands in the years to come.


We take your clinical governance and operations processes through a systematic review, validating your current successes and identifying new ways to further optimise your business in meeting compliance requirements and boosting fiscal growth.


With the new aged care funding model (AN-ACC) now in place, your business needs to have the right systems in place to identify opportunities for optimal funding as soon as specific changes occur in your end client. Is your team supported with the right resources to capture these changes and flag funding updates as soon as possible?

Let us help you ensure your care documentation system and care worker minutes are set up effectively to place your business in the best position for success. Plan ahead and be prepared by having a proactive service engagement with our aged care consulting team.

We aim to provide training in a method that supports the varied learning needs of your team, with a focus on delivery of best practice knowledge that translates into effective day-to-day practice.


Improve the skills and capability of your clinical and non-clinical team in specific areas, such as:

  • Incident Investigation and Management

  • SIRS Reporting

  • Restrictive Practices Management

  • Dementia-specific Care

  • Behaviour Management

  • Clinical Deterioration

  • Palliative & End of Life Care

  • Falls Management

  • Wound Management

  • Continence Care


Job satisfaction and fulfilment at work are one of the key employment retention factors in this industry of caring for the older person. The question is no longer “why not”, but “why aren’t you” investing in ongoing skill development of all your team members? It will maximise the opportunities for quality retention and professional fulfilment and minimise the risks of burnout and team turnover.


Reach out for an obligation-free chat about how we can provide your team with the knowledge and practical skills they need, in the format they need, be they carers, nurses, facility managers, or executive leaders.

Certified Training

From executive leaders down to the frontline registered nurse, Health Generation consists of a team of aged care specialists with expertise in nursing, lifestyle coordination, and business management.


Our trainers with contemporary industry knowledge have the qualifications and experience needed to support and train every level of your aged care service team.

Residential Aged Care Management Consultants

Health Generation takes the same approach to supporting aged care providers as we do older adults, residents, and their families from a place of non-judgment and care. We work to deliver sustainable, considerate, and safe outcomes for all.

Through top-down and bottom-up training and support, organisational review and strategic planning, deep connections with key aged care providers and stakeholders, and an excellent understanding of the changes and emerging trends facing our industry, we work day in and day out to support providers, professionals, and consumers (the resident) nationwide. Our strength is in our genuine care factor and solution-focused approach, partnering with you to achieve the best possible care for your most valuable stakeholders – your clients and your colleagues.

If you would like our team of aged care management consultants to support your organisation and team members through the upcoming season of critical industry change, connect with Health Generation today. By planning for Tomorrow today, you can ensure your aged care organisation keeps its place as a leader in quality, innovative aged care practice and planning alike.

Contact Health Generation Today

We are proud to be Australian-owned, run by locals from multiple states with virtual headquarters, and our team of experts can work with providers Australia-wide.

Connect with the Health Generation team today to begin proactively taking steps to streamline your organisation for success and support our mission of positioning Australia as a global leader in aged care services and practices today.


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