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Australia's Largest Clinical Consultancy

When you need support not judgement


Aged Care Consultants

Health Generation is an aged care consultancy led by a team of aged care experts, including clinical consultants and leaders, who are dedicated to supporting aged care providers and their communities nationwide.​

Given that the standard of Australia’s healthcare system can be measured by how well we care for and support our elderly, the services provided by Health Generation are focused on the key aged care areas of Quality Indicator Reporting, Compliance, Advisory, Clinical Operations, Funding, and Certified Training. This ensures aged care teams at every level are effectively equipped to deliver top-level care.

Raise the bar in your organisation by bringing in a forward-thinking team who values the fiscal position and governance of your facility as much as you do.

With a strong focus on the day-to-day experience of your valued consumers (the resident) and frontline staff, Health Generation utilises a holistic, non-judgmental approach to assess your organisation’s opportunities and areas for improvement.

Whether you are interested in streamlining operations, positioning your organisation as an employer of choice  for aged care workers, or you want to ensure your team surpasses governance and compliance requirements, Health Generation is here to support you.

Get in touch to learn more about our aged care specialist services and how we can tailor our support for your retirement living, residential aged care, home care, or community aged care services.

Our Services

Our specially trained, dedicated AN-ACC consultants provide expertise to review and identify with high accuracy residents to be reclassified, and assist with reclassification request submission.

Through our systematic approach, your team acquire the skills necessary to maintain an optimal funding position.


Health Generation and QPS Benchmarking partner to support providers to collect and understand National Mandatory Quality Indicator Program data and its reporting requirements accurately, and provide expert resources to drive meaningful outcomes for residents.


Regardless of your stage in the compliance journey, our consultants review existing systems, processes, and on-the-ground practices.


Collaboratively, we develop a practical plan with clear actionable steps that your team can follow to ensure you far surpass industry requirements.


We recognise that the industry is facing critical shortages in experienced clinical leaders and managers. 

We implement proactive strategies to efficiently manage and improve clinical operations, and provide contemporary knowledge and experience to assist you to plan ahead for stronger sustainability.


Our people work alongside your people to cultivate a robust and dynamic team of competent aged care professionals.


We deliver certified training in key areas of care services for all clinical and non-clinical staff, developed to minimise cost, time, and resources, and maximise long-term benefit and retention.

Health Generation

Aged Care Consulting 
& Advisory Services

Do you want expert advice and support on the ground in your residential aged care facility, or home or community care service?


Our team of aged care consulting specialists, with their years of service in the industry, provides you with access to a collective of lived experience that is contemporary in both compliance matters and clinical best practice knowledge. Your search ends here for aged care consultants with solid foundations and professional expertise in quality management, clinical care, and fiscal operations.

Just as every consumer requires person-centred care by virtue of their individuality, Health Generation recognises and values the unique and specific circumstances that every aged care service presents with, including operations within multi-site settings.


Our team currently focuses on five broad service offerings with room to customise the assessment and strategic deliverability of every project as determined by you. Contact us to find out how you can get tailored aged care consultancy services based on your unique goals and challenges.

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