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Health Generation is an aged care consultancy led by a team of aged care experts, including clinical consultants and leaders, who are dedicated to supporting aged care providers and their communities nationwide.​

Given that the standard of Australia’s healthcare system can be measured by how well we care for and support our elderly, the services provided by Health Generation are focused on the key aged care areas of Quality Indicator Reporting, Compliance, Advisory, Clinical Operations, Funding, and Certified Training. This ensures aged care teams at every level are effectively equipped to deliver top-level care.

Raise the bar in your organisation by bringing in a forward-thinking team who values the fiscal position and governance of your facility as much as you do.

With a strong focus on the day-to-day experience of your valued consumers (residents) and frontline staff, Health Generation utilises a holistic, non-judgmental approach to assess your organisation’s opportunities and areas for improvement.

Whether you are interested in strenthening your funding position, streamlining operations, positioning your organisation as an employer of choice  for aged care workers, or you want to ensure your team surpasses governance and compliance requirements, Health Generation is here to support you.

Get in touch to learn more about our aged care specialist services and how we can tailor our support for your retirement living, residential aged care, home care, or community aged care services.

Tammie Breneger
General Manager

Sally Marriott
Care Planning

As this is Sally’s final day of deployment to MVH I wish to provide feedback about her work.

Sally has been an incredible asset to my team for the past 8 weeks, her care and attention to detail in the care plan reviews is evident and at our recent review audit the assessors were highly praising of the quality of the work and the obvious personalisation.

Sally has treated my residents with care and respect and the local team at MVH felt supported by Sally’s oversight.


Personally, I have found Sally to be a great team player and her and I have engaged in many robust discussions around care for my residents.

Health Generation

Aged Care Management Consultants

Health Generation takes the same approach to support aged care providers as we do older adults, residents, and their families: from a place of non-judgment and care. We work to deliver sustainable, considerate, and safe outcomes for all.

Through top-down and bottom-up training and support, organisational review and strategic planning, deep connections with key aged care providers and stakeholders, and an excellent understanding of the changes and emerging trends facing our industry, we work day in and day out to support providers, professionals, and consumers nationwide. Our strength is in our genuine care and solution-focused approach, partnering with you to achieve the best possible care for your most valuable stakeholders – your clients and your colleagues.

If you would like our team of aged care management consultants to support your organisation and team members through the upcoming season of critical industry change, connect with Health Generation today. By planning for tomorrow today, you can ensure your aged care organisation keeps its place as a leader in quality, innovative aged care practice and planning alike.

Facing Challenges in Your
Aged Care Facility? 

Discover how can provide the solutions you need. Our team specialises in addressing the unique issues faced by aged care homes, offering expert advice and tailored support to ensure your facility excels in care and compliance.

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